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Date:2005-12-09 12:22
Subject:copied this from molly

What's your favorite....
Beverage (non-alc) ?faygo orange
Beverage (alc) ?none
Color ?blue
Food ?icecream!
Item of clothing ?shirts
Meal of the day ?lunch
Feature on yourself ?eyes
Quality in a guy/girl ?nice, funny, and HOTT
Phrase ?he is so fine! im jk idk one
Song ?i miss you
Musical Artist/Band ?dont have a fav.
Sport ?football!!!
Movie ?hot chick
TV Show ?making the band 3 & americas next top model
Radio Station ?95.5, 102.7, and 97.9
Type of Chocolate ?milk chocolate
Eye Color ?green
Do you/Have you ever....
Have any pets ?yes
Smoke ?no
Drink ?maybe lemonade
Have any piercings ?yes
Have any tatoos ?fake ones
Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriendno
Had sex ?no
Gone streaking ?no
Been to Europe ?no
Been to an island ?no
Had stitches ?no
Broken any bones ?no
Been stabbed/shot ?i wouldnt really be here would i
Slept until after 12:00 ?what, what kinda ? is that... everyone has even babys
Stayed up all night ?yep 25 hrs. and 30 min. yesssssss
Danced like a whore ?yep
Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?no
Turned down a dare ?no!
Which friend....
Is the funniest ?alicia
Is the prettiest ?all
Is the most handsom ?mhm
Is the loudest ?raya!
Is the craziest ?celeste
Is the most shy ?kali
Is the most loving ?sage
Is the most understanding ?raya
Is the most boring ?WHAT, MY FRIENDS???
Is the richest ?idk
Is the most athletic ?alicia
Is the most cocky ?idk
Is the biggest sex icon ?mhm sarah
Is the most wordly/cultured ?dk
Do you look up to the most ?i already said i look down at them because theyre all so short
Do you tell everything to ?raya
Has the best clothes ?mary
Has the best house ?shazia
Would you ever....
Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?no...eww
Kiss someone of the same sex ?my mother
Cheat on someone you love ?no
Run away from home ?dont know yet...but i dont think so
Lie to your parents ?why are you asking so many ?'s
Lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?maybe/ewww
Lie to your best friend ?dk
Give a homeless person money ?yes, if they didnt use it to buy alc.
Run from the police ?yes idk
Bungee jump ?no, would u,thats what i thought
Sky dive ?sure, wait idk what that is
Cross dress ?no
Be an exotic dancer ?no
Walk out of a restaurant without paying ?i already did it once AHAHHA ok were over that
Go rock climbing ?i already have...
Go spulunking (caving) ?if i figure out what that means ill tell you
What do you think of when you hear....
Eminem ?shake that ***
Bologna ?im a big kid now
Hott ?sizzle
Orange ?blue
Real world ?danny
Fuck ?wow
Jack ?off no im jk
Cucumber ?green
Hip-Hop ?cool but i dont really like that word i like rap betta
Uniform ?cheer
UniCORN ! ?naaaa
Rainbow ?gay ppl
Clown ?ahhhhhhhhhhh


Date:2005-12-04 14:12
Subject:my weekend

well this was my weekend

friday- me and my cousin josh (abbes bf), went bowling with celeste and we seen abbe, molly e., bekah, kelsey, leah, tailor, and johnny there...so yeah and then me and abbe and celeste and my cousin, were hanging out when every body had to leave, it was sooo much fun, i loved that night!! so many insiders...

saturday-well i went shopping w/ shannon and i got a brown shirt with this cute brown sequince belt that goes over it, and me and her got some screchy shirts hers is turquiose and mine is hot pink!, and then i got my grandma 3 things for christmas! and spent the night over shannons

sunday- church w/ shannons family, came home, prolly gonna go sleding w/ cooper and jody...



Date:2005-12-01 18:58
Subject:addd ittttt

My New AIM s.n is S3xxi Xx Lexxi01 add it


Date:2005-12-01 18:57
Mood: amused

heyyyyyyyy yalllllll, me, and sam rode kaylas bus (well its sams too) and all these ppl were like hey alexis, i was like do i know u...neways me, brenna, and sam went to kalyas house...and had soooooo much fun, i seriously dont think i EVER laugh that hard...from all the things we did...then we were singing to karaoke...kayla sux!lol it was so much fun throwing chips at her.lol sam...and member when *** banged her mom lol, and member amazing grace haha lol, and the kayla singing the kelly clarkston song...she souds like a dinosaur lol, and the bluess suckers lol, pushup bras lol, you dont beat me mamma, i beat you lol and the jazz lol, ARE HEALS THAT KILLED US, lol, THE ORANGE WIG!lol, calling everybody a bitch for the day lol, the makeup rescue lol, and the prank calling, when sam called that guy and was like on his answer machine "hi youve reached bill, oh ah sry...lol and then breanna was like "CALL TRISHA" so sam did and brenna was like tell her mom we got the test results LMAO...soo funny, omg we got soo many inside jokes in only hanging out for three hours... there i cant even remember all of them...



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